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The Starbuzz Collection of hookahs has some of the hookahs worlds finest Designs and products. Crafted by the same famous company that brought you the the world’s leading tobacco and charcoal products. The Starbuzz Collection brings a mix of classic and modern design to let you customize your hookah smoking sessions.

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah Kit is modern, striking and comes in multiple colors. The kit includes a hose, bowl and tongs.

Unicus 2.0 has a stunning two-tone color modern stem piece with a decorative base that’s engraved, frosted, and printed with glittering stars.

Standing at 17 inches tall, and with a pretty massive down stem. The Unicus comes with a decorative base which is frosted and engraved.

The 12 inch tall Starbuzz Phoenix hookah is a robust and well constructed mini hookah pipe from the makers of Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco.